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What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a porous mineral with tremendous ion exchange capacity. Because of that, zeolite can filter the water by holding existing metals and organic compounds. It has unique properties, due to its crystalline structure and can be used in crops, farms, construction, industries, homes and gardens.

Zeolite powder for foliar application and watering
grain size 0 - 0.020 mm

Apply 5-7 kg of ANA-BIOSIS zeolite in 1000 liters of water. Water and spray your plants. Repeat 3-4 times during the growing season.

Zeolite for soil application
grain size 0 - 1 mm

Apply on the soil 70 to 120 kg per acre and mix with the soil depending on the crop and soil type.


• It increases the ability of soil to retain nutrients (soil improver).
• Reduces nutrient loss making fertilization more efficient and profitable for the producer (greater production with less fertilizer, up to 25% less nitrogen fertilizers).
• Increases water holding capacity and water is uniformly distributed on the field.
• Increases the availability of phosphorus (up 89%) and potassium.
• Eliminates the acidic components.
• Removes soil from toxic materials and metals.
• Protects beneficial soil microorganisms.
• Improves soil structure.
• It is 100% natural product approved for use in organic agriculture.
• Increases production, reduces costs and improves the quality of plants.

Foliar applications of zeolite powder

• Protects from burns of the solar rays, especially in the southern regions.
• It reduces the thermal stress and fruit drop of trees.
• Increases the weight and quality of the fruit.
• Prevents damage from frost.
• Improves photosynthesis and the liveliness of vegetation.
• When washed from the leaves it ends up into the ground, increasing the fertility.
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