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ANA-BIOSIS - Solid Soil Improver

ANA-BIOSIS is a rich and natural organic soil improver with highly beneficial properties for the soil due to the many active microorganisms and proteins it contains. It is the best way to keep your plants healthy and achieve a high production increase .

How it works:

When ANA-BIOSIS is combined with organic waste, the existing bacteria are activated and thus the fermentation begins. A vent valve allows a slow fermentation process to take place, making the ANA-BIOSIS soil improver a product with really rare qualities. Ideally, the acidic ph of ANA-BIOSIS is responsible for preventing the growth of pathogenic microbes.


It accelerates plant growth and prevents diseases. In fruit growing, for example, we can get more sugar content while achieved productivity exceeds the maximum crop limit, something that is considered implausible using conventional farming methods.
With ANA-BIOSIS, soil moisture is greater compared to other ordinary soil improvers. ANA-BIOSIS, allows increased groundwater. After the fermentation of ANA-BIOSIS is done, the organic vitamins and minerals in the ground are less soluble compared to the nutrients produced from oxidation .Therefore, in the event of a rainfall, the proportion of the nutrients lost is much smaller.
It is a natural biocatalyst so a bio-active soil can be achieved within six weeks instead of three months, or maybe more, using some other product.

3 kilo stereo
Available in the following packages :

• 1 Kg package

• 2 Kg package

• 3 Kg package

• 8 Kg package

• 10 Kg package

• 125 Kg Mega sack Bulk Bag

Useful information for your garden and pots

Indoor plants:

Place 2-3 tablespoons (20-40 g) solid soil improver ANA-BIOSIS around the edge of the pot and then mix with the soil.

In the case of a new planting or for soil renewal put a layer of soil, then a layer ANA-BIOSIS, (2-3 cm) and then the remaining soil.


a) Before a new planting, mix with the soil 100 kg solid ANA-BIOSIS per acre.
For best results, spray at intervals with the liquid soil improver ANA-BIOSIS 1. After two weeks the soil is ready for planting.
b)For existing plants, apply the solid ANA-BIOSIS on the surface (15 to 20 cm away from the roots of the plant / tree) and then mix with the soil.

Preparing the ground ,information for farmers:

For new plantations ,in a suitable soil temperature (over 8°C) , incorporate 100 kg ANA-BIOSIS per acre.
During the cultivation, for best results water with liquid soil improver ANA-BIOSIS 1 (in 500 lt water dissolve 1lt ANA-BIOSIS 1). Let it take effect for two weeks and then the soil is ready for planting or seeding.

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