ANA-BIOSIS soil improvers because of their composition, act effectively creating a microclimate, ideal for achieving maximum production. The main effect of our products is due to the action of bacteria and active microorganisms contained in solid ANA-BIOSIS, as well as in liquid ANA-BIOSIS 1.
The beneficial active microorganisms present in the ANA-BIOSIS products take effect rapidly, converting organic matter into humus. The solid soil improver ANA-BIOSIS,is rich in organic matter, active microorganisms, molasses (a rich source of potassium), wheat bran (Minerals), vitamins, organic acids, minerals, chelating compounds and antioxidants . Liquid soil improver ANA-BIOSIS 1 ,is a rich source of beneficial active microorganisms, which are necessary for a healthy and fertile soil.

Benefits of ANA-BIOSIS products use :

• Greater production per acre

• Tasty and manifold fruit

• Watering and fertigation reduction during cultivation

• Frost resistance, due to the bacteria contained maintaining
the temperature of the subsoil within suitable levels.

Use of ANA-BIOSIS soil improvers in Citrus Trees

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