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ANA-BIOSIS 1 - Liquid Soil Improver


The liquid soil improver ANA-BIOSIS 1, consists of active microorganisms. By using ANA-BIOSIS 1, both soil and your crop acquire their initial healthy condition and can yield 2 to 3 times more compared to the conventional crops.


How it works:

The active microorganisms present in ANABIOSIS 1, assist the growth of useful microorganisms, accelerating the creation of ideal growing conditions and a much healthier soil, capable of producing optimum and larger crops. When the active microorganisms get in contact with organic material, they produce useful substances such as vitamins, organic acids, mineral chelate compounds, antioxidants and strong rejuvenating forces.

A.M. content cfu\ml: 2,7Χ10^6

How to use:

The liquid soil improver ANA-BIOSIS 1, is ideal for all kinds of crops and can be freely used when watering
or foliar. ( not during the flowering stage ).

1. Houseplants:
    In 1 liter of water dilute 20 ml ANA-BIOSIS 1.
2. Garden-Crops:
   In 500 liters of water, dilute 1 liter ANA-BIOSIS 1.

The solution’s temperature should not be below 8 ° C or above 25 ° C. it is recommended after the application of solid soil improver ANA-BIOSIS,
to soak soil with ANA-BIOSIS 1 throughout the duration of the cultivation.

Available in the following packages:

• 250 ml bottle

• 0.5 lt bottle

• 1 lt bottle

• 5 lt bottle

• 20 lt bottle

5 LT ygro
anaviosi liquid
anaviosi liquid
anaviosi liquid