The solid soil improver ANA-BIOSIS, due to its unique composition ,provides a rapid and proper development during the production of the seedlings as well as during the aromatic plants cultivation.. The improved soil quality through fertilizing with organic matter increases the production and their quality. The ANA-BIOSIS organic matter contains 63% bran, molasses, minerals and 3 kinds of bacteria (beneficial active microorganisms), thus providing all the nutrients needed by plants.


The application of ANA-BIOSIS is done by making a mixture in which the herb grafts or the seeds are placed .
The ratio is 1 Kg ANA-BIOSIS to 10 Kg soil.
Leave the mixture for 7 days and then plant. Fertilizing with ANA-BIOSIS creates ideal conditions for rapid and stable development.
After 2 to 3 days apply by watering liquid ANA-BIOSIS 1 in a ratio of 1L per 250 L water. During cultivation drench 2 times and also spray 2 times with the liquid ANA-BIOSIS 1 in a ratio of 1 liter of liquid to 500 liters of water.

Before planting:

For the cultivation of aromatic plants before planting, apply 80-100 kg ANA-BIOSIS (with a seeding machine),integrate with the soil (Preferably with a milling machine) and wait 7-10 days.
Then drench 2 times and also apply 2 times foliar in a ratio of 1 L of liquid to 500 L of water during the cultivation.

After planting:

Apply the solid soil improver ANA-BIOSIS along the lines of planting and then integrate with the soil.

Use of ANA-BIOSIS soil improvers in Aromatic Plants

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